The default port to use Optim Performance Manager for web console is 55000 and 55001 for SSL.

This requires opening up 55000 through firewall and what if you want to use port 80 on the OPM Server.

It is little tricky since OPM Web Console runs as non-root user and hence can not use ports less than 1024.

1. Edit <OPM Install>/Config/ and change port 55000 for the line port= to 80.

2. Edit <OPM Install>/bin/ and comment line exit 3 which is in the IF condition where the script checks for the root user.

3. Start using root and you have http://<hostname> now pointing to the OPM Web Console.

4. Edit <OPM Install>/ and and comment out exit 3 line so that root is allowed to run the script.

5. In above 2 files change PROG=./bin/ to PROG="sudo ./bin/" for and PROG=./bin/ to PROG="sudo ./bin/" for

6. Grant sudo auth to the

7. Continue to use non-root user to start and stop the OPM Server.

The solution is not elegant but it works with modifications in scripts.