When database is converted from circular log to archive log, it will force the backup of the database which is a good thing.

But, sometime, we do not want to do it. Say, when we are in test environment like testing upgrade from DB2 ESE to DB2 pureScale.

If database is small, backup database <db> to /dev/null works but when the database is large, it still takes a lot of time to complete the backup even on null device.

So, use db2dart tool to remove the backup pending flag but be extra cautious when using db2dart tool. It is like a razor and a person can cut and get hurt also.

Make sure that the database is deactivated and no one is connected. If necessary QUIESCE the instance by restricting the connections if there are robots which connect to the database as soon as it is availabe or set db2set db2comm= so that no remote connection can work.

db2 quiesce instance <instanceName> restricted access immediate force connections
db2 deactivate database <dbName>

Then, use db2dart tool to remove the backup pending flag.

db2dart <dbName> /CHST /WHAT DBBP OFF

It is easy to remeber -> db2dart <db> change state (/CHST) what (/WHAT) database backup pending off (DBBP OFF)

Last, do not forget to unquiesce the instance.