The db2batch utility is a powerful utility to time the SQL queries. You should be careful in using the db2batch utility during peak time in your production system just for one issue – db2batch utility uses RR isolation level.

For long running SQL statements, the RR isolation level may not be desirable and in some cases it can hang the system. The isolation level can be changed by rebinding the package to use a different isolation level for db2batch.

The db2batch.bnd file can be found in the sqllib/bnd subdirectory and use the following command to change the isolation level to CS (cursor stability), connect to the database and run.

db2 bind db2batch.bnd isolation cs blocking all grant public 

To run db2batch.

db2batch -d db_name -f input_file -i complete -o p 5 o opt_level r 0 -r bad.xt