Usually enterprise distributions like SLES or Redhat are slow to adopt latest in consumer products such as CUPS used for printing. The version of cups on SLES 11 SP2 is 1.3 when the latest version at the time of writing this is 1.6.2. The older version 1.2 uses older version of IPP protocol and newer client machines such as Mac or Windows use newer IPP V2.0 with a result that cups does not work well when using newer mac etc.

Generally, this is not a problem in large organizations as they use dedicated print spooler software but is a problem for small setup like mine where my computer center is housed in a shoe closet.

Compiling a newer version is big pain  which I went through to make my cups on Linux working well so that I could print from Windows 8 or Mac. I keep my bulky laster multi-function printer in my shoe closet next to the router / server so that I do not have to put that bulky printer on the desk.





The print test page will fail from the cups web interface since Apple stopped working on developing filters or PPDs for cups as it is outsourced to the open source community, which makes sense. So you have to use think link to fix the print test page from the cups web GUI, if at all you need it otherwise things worked well after I switched to cups 1.6.2.

Unistall all cups related rpms first. Use cups-drivers package from SLES or Redhat distribution and then install these rpms.