When adding a member through db2iupdt command, you may get an error something like this:

ERROR: The "db2start add MEMBER 1 hostname hostc.zinox.com netname hostc-r.zinox.com port 0 -iupdt" command failed with the return code: "4", and following error: "04/10/2016 09:16:12 1 0 SQL6030N START or STOP DATABASE MANAGER failed. Reason code "38". SQL1032N No start database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019". Rollback of instance "db2psc" succeeded on hosts "hostc"

This might happen due to existing (or old) entries in /etc/services shown below:

DB2_db2psc 60000/tcp
DB2_db2psc_1 60001/tcp
DB2_db2psc_2 60002/tcp
DB2_db2psc_3 60003/tcp
DB2_db2psc_4 60004/tcp
DB2_db2psc_END 60005/tcp
DB2CF_db2psc 56001/tcp
DB2CF_db2psc_MGMT 56000/tcp
db2psc_c 50000/tcp

Remove those entries and try again.

If you still get the error, try this and redo db2iupdt command. [Note: Only do this if you are using only TCPIP and no RDMA].