DB2 timestamp can show micro seconds and I was trying to generate an excel report showing elapsed time between 2 DB2 timestamps and had to work a little bit to write this excel formulae.

Timestamp (Cell B3) = 2013-03-04-

Timestamp (Cell C3) = 2013-03-04-

Elapsed Time (Cell D3) =((LEFT(C3,10)-LEFT(B3,10) + TIME(MID(C3,12,2),MID(C3,15,2),MID(C3,18,2)) – TIME(MID(B3,12,2),MID(B3,15,2),MID(B3,18,2))) *24*60*60 + (RIGHT(C3,6)-RIGHT(B3,6)) / 1000000)

The above will break if format of the timestamp does not respect YYYY-MM-DD-hh.mm.ss.ssssss.

Just for my reference as I tend to misplace things so that I do not have to rewrite above.