The first thing I noticed in Windows 8 is the missing "Manage Wireless Network". I tried taking help from google but I found same issues raised by other people.

I could not connect to my work wireless that uses Cisco LEAP and here are the steps that I followed.

Press Windows Key – On my Thinkpad W530 this key is between CTRL and ALT keys on the left hand side.

Start typing network and this will show up the search window.

Click Settings. This is in between Apps and Files

Click Setup a Connection or Network

Click Manually connect to a wireless network

Type your network name, Security Type, Encryption Type. Click Next.

Click Change Connection Settings

Click Security Tab

Choose Network Authentication Method. My example is Cisco:LEAP

Click Settings

Note: If you do not see Cisco:Leap option, chances are that your laptop / notebook wireless card does not support Cisco LEAP. Please check with the support of the laptop manufacturer.

Click Use saved username and password and specify your user name and password. Click OK.

I noted above steps so that I do not have to search again when I need to set up my Cisco LEAP to connect to work wireless. My memory is poor to remember these complicated steps.