RSCT is pretty smart to take care of automation but when unsual things happen and may be that logic is not yet there, you may have to intervene as a DBA and that is why you have a niche for yourself.

Take this case: The output from lssam shows that two members of the DB2 pureScale are in pending offline and they stay that way for a long time. It means that there is something wrong.

Online IBM.ResourceGroup:ca_db2psc_0-rg Nominal=Online
        '- Online IBM.Application:ca_db2psc_0-rs
                |- Online IBM.Application:ca_db2psc_0-rs:node02
                '- Online IBM.Application:ca_db2psc_0-rs:node03
Pending online IBM.ResourceGroup:db2_db2psc_0-rg Nominal=Online
        '- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_0-rs
                |- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_0-rs:node02
                |- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_0-rs:node03
                '- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_0-rs:node04
Pending online IBM.ResourceGroup:db2_db2psc_1-rg Nominal=Online
        '- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_1-rs
                |- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_1-rs:node02
                |- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_1-rs:node03
                '- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_1-rs:node04
Online IBM.ResourceGroup:db2_db2psc_2-rg Nominal=Online
        '- Online IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_2-rs
                |- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_2-rs:node02
                |- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_2-rs:node03
                '- Online IBM.Application:db2_db2psc_2-rs:node04

The above type of situation should not happen when things are normal like there is no tornado, flood, earthquake or power outage. But if this happens, look for db2nodes.cfg in sqllib. As a DBA, you should always keep a good copy of db2nodes.cfg. The usual bible sentence is that you do not have to touch or manipulate db2nodes.cfg as DB2 maintains this automatically. But, if you notice that the db2nodes.cfg looks not OK, replace this with the good copy that you saved on your thumb and restore it. Let RSCT do the rests of the things and chances are that pending offline is taken care automatically. Look for the lssam output to confirm this.