In DB2 pureScale, we use a RSCT peer domain and a GPFS domain. These domains have couple of machines networked together. In democracy, we choose someone to be a leader / master / manager to create an order. The same type of democracy exists in RSCT and GPFS where the surviving machines elect a leader / master / manager to do the work. When some computer dies, they assemble together at the watercooler and again elect a leader / master / manager.

There are some information that you can only see on the node that is either a leader / master / manager.

GPFS Manager

node02:~ # mmlsmgr 
file system      manager node
---------------- ------------------
db2data2 (node03)
db2data4 (node03)
db2log  (node03)
db2data1 (node04)
db2data3 (node04)
db2fs1  (node04)

Cluster manager node: (node03)

RSCT Recovery Master

node02:~ # lssrc -ls IBM.RecoveryRM | grep Master
   Master Node Name     : node03 (node number =  2)

RSCT Configuration Leader

node02:~ # lssrc -ls IBM.ConfigRM | grep Leader
   GroupLeader: node03, 0x7903784ce20081d5, 2
   TieBreaker GroupLeader: node03, 0x7903784ce20081d5, 2