Finally DB2 implemented a long standing demand for setting the Java application name so that you could see the name through DB2 utilities instead of seeing db2jcc_applica.

You set a connection property clientProgramName to your chosen name and the db2 utilities will pick up this name instead of the default name of db2jcc_application.

java.util.Properties conProp = new java.util.Properties();
String url = "jdbc:db2://localhost:50000/GSDB";
conProp.put("user", "myUserName");
conProp.put("password", "myPassword");
conProp.put("clientProgramName", "MyProgram");
connection = DriverManager.getConnection(url, conProp);

When you list the application, you will see the name that you set.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>db2 list applications
Auth Id  Application    Appl.      Application Id                      DB     #
-------- -------------- ---------- ------------------------------ -------- ----
DBAPOT   db2jcc_applica 993       GSDB     1
DBAPOT   MyProgram      997       GSDB     1
DBAPOT   db2jcc_applica 996       GSDB     1
DBAPOT   db2jcc_applica 995       GSDB     1
VIKRAM   db2bp.exe      988        *LOCAL.DB2.090430221558            GSDB     1
DBAPOT   db2jcc_applica 994       GSDB     1