If you use MTK (Migration Toolkit from IBM) to migrate your database to DB2 on Windows platform, the migration goes smooth but you may see problem when you FTP data file and LOAD script to Unix platform if you do not do it right.

For example, you chose ASC (ASCII) option since you do not have an option of specifying a right delimiter for DEL option since your data contains CR, LF, TAB, Tilde(~), vertical bar(|) etc.

A sample LOAD statement generated by MTK using ASC option might look like following:

load from datafile.out of ASC MODIFIED BY reclen=2066 codepage=1208 
nochecklengths striptblanks METHOD L 
(1 12,14 523,525 536,538 549,551 750,752 1261,1263 1462,1464 1469,1471 1492,1494 
 1505,1507 1507,1509 1534,1536 2045) NULL INDICATORS (0,2048,0,2050,2052,2054,
2056,2058,2060,2062,0,2064,2066) messages messages.msg 
replace INTO SCHEMA.TABLENAME nonrecoverable 

You will notice a record length of 2066 and null indicators are specified at fixed position.

When you FTP data, you need to make sure that you use BINARY option since you do not want embedded CRLF to be replaced by LF using ASCII transfer option.

This simple trick will save you tons of time figuring out why LOAD does not work on Unix platform.