If you are migrating your ODBC related code from one database to DB2, you might run into an issue of single quote vs. double quote issue.

For example: Your ODBC code might issue a call to a Stored Procedure using double quote as shown below:


Your previous database might allow you to pass parameters using double quotes but this will fail in DB2 since literals used in double quotes are treated as table name or column name in DB2 and hence above code will not work.

What if, if you have thousands of such statements and there will be some conversion effort for such statements. There is a workaround to this problem but you will be on your own to use this workaround as this is not documented and you are not likely to get any support for this from DB2.

It is strongly advised to be very careful if attempting to use either of these work around. They are not recommended for general implementation and may cause undesirable behavior in some cases.

You can add following entries in db2cli.ini file for this to take effect.

PATCH1 = 2048

This patch1 will replace all double-quotes with single-quotes. This patch is used to help port SQL that has been written using literals with double-quotes instead of the DB2 required single quotes.


This patch2 does a similar mapping as PATCH1=2048 but avoids some specific situations where DB2 thinks that the quotes are around an SQL object (which needs to remain double-quoted).

Again a no-nonsense disclosure: Use it at your own risk as this is not supported officially.