It is recommended that you always update RSCT / TSA from db2 software media and not from IBM Fix Central. The reason – DB2 is tested and certified with the version that ships with the DB2 software.

If you go to server_t/db2/linuxamd64/tsamp and run db2cktsa command using -v install (what is installed) or -v media (what is in media), you can choose to update the software.

[root@node03 tsamp]# pwd
[root@node03 tsamp]# ./db2cktsa -v install

[root@node03 tsamp]# ./db2cktsa -v media

How to find RSCT version installed?

# /usr/sbin/rsct/install/bin/ctversion -b

How to find TSA version installed

# /usr/sbin/rsct/bin/samversion

How to use db2haicu -enable or db2haicu -disable for scripting?

A. For disable, create a file called db2haicu.disable as shown:

$ cat << EOF > db2haicu.disable
> 1

The above command will just add one line having 1 in it. You can also create same using vi or any other editor.

Then, you can run db2haicu through script to disable as:

$ db2haicu -disable < db2haicu.disable

B. For enable, create a file called db2haicu.enable for scripting as:

$ cat << EOF > db2haicu.enable
> 1
> 1

Then, you can run db2haicu through script to enable as:

$ db2haicu < db2haicu.enable