How to find the total number of database partitions and range (data) partitions held by a table?

Here is the query:

select t.tabschema SCHEMA, 
       t.tabname TABLE, 
       (select count(*) 
	    from   syscat.dbpartitiongroupdef pgs 
		where  pgs.dbpgname = ts.dbpgname) DB_PARTITIONS,
count(ts.tbspace) DATA_PARTITIONS
from syscat.tables t,
     syscat.tablespaces ts,
     syscat.datapartitions d
where ts.tbspaceid = d.tbspaceid
and   t.tabschema = d.tabschema
and   t.tabname = d.tabname
and   t.tabschema = 'schemaName'
and   t.tabname = 'tableName'
group by t.tabschema, 
SCHEMA          TABLE                          DB_PARTITIONS DATA_PARTITIONS
--------------- ------------------------------ ------------- ---------------
TPCDS           CATALOG_SALES                             36             192