This is about how to rebuild TSA resources in HADR environment if you have used db2haicu in past but added resources such as tie-breaker disks that are not supported by the db2haicu tool.

So, in case of a difficulty – how do you get back soon.

You can always recover from TSA issues such as failed-offline etc. if you know the proper command to execute.

Sometime, timeliness is the essence. Can I afford to spend 1-2 hour to fix an existing problem or just use 5 minutes of scripted way of destroying the existing config and then rebuilding it again.

For a good working TSA cluster (using HADR), follow this procedure.

1. Find the name of your domain

# lsrpdomain

2. Save your current config by using the command:

# sampolicy -s hadrdomain.xml

3. Disable critical protection method

# chrsrc -c IBM.PeerNode CritRsrcProtMethod=5

4. Disable TSA

$ db2haicu -disable

5. Drop RSCT domain

# rmrpdomain -f domainName

6. Make sure that the domain is gone from all nodes by using lsrpdomain.

7. Copy the following files to a safe place.

# cp /var/ct/cfg/ /tmp
# cp /var/ct/cfg/trace.conf /tmp
# cp /var/ct/cfg/ConfigRM.cfg /tmp

8. Run the following on all nodes.

# /usr/sbin/rsct/install/bin/recfgct

9. Copy back those files on all hosts

# cp /tmp/ /var/ct/cfg
# cp /tmp/trace.conf /var/ct/cfg
# cp /tmp/ConfigRM.cfg /var/ct/cfg

10. Run this on all nodes to exchange keys

# preprpnode node1 node2 node3

11. Create domain

# mkrpdomain domainName node1 node2 node3

12. Start the domain

# startrpdomain domainName

13. Restore the domain

# sampolicy -a hadrdomain.xml

14. Set Critical protection method to 3

# chrsrc -c IBM.PeerNode CritRsrcProtMethod=3

14. Enable TSA at DB2 level

$ db2haicu