No Frills - DB2 10.5 WLM

Implement WLM in DB2 to protect your database from unpredictable work load and ensure that your database continues to function.

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IBM Pure Systems Family

An Engineering Marvel




        PureData Systems for Transactions

        PureData Systems for Operational Analytics

        PureData Systems for Analytics

        PureData for Hadoop

IBM PureData System for Transactions

Design Principles

  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Scalability
  • Smart


  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Multiple Standby Servers
  • Full Integration with TSA

IBM DB2 pureScale

  • Extreme Capacity
  • Application Transparency
  • Continuous Availability

Core DB2

When my manager interviewed me in June 2004, I proclaimed that I was an expert in DB2. After 10 years, I now know that there are many things that I do not know in DB2 and still learning. I was lucky enough to work on IBM’s newest BLU technology and demonstrate this to our customers who can now get stunning query performance for analytic workload. The engineering behind this is marvelous and I go into detail explaining how IBM accomplished this stunning piece of engineering in core DB2.

High Availability

I help many customers to fine tune and monitor High Availability & Disaster Recovery (HADR). I also help them implement Tivoli System Automation with HADR for the automation of failover. This is one of my favorite topic, and I can keep on talking about this for hours.

DB2 pureScale

When DB2 pureScale feature was announced, I jumped onto this very exciting technology. I have built pureScale systems from ground up and did several Proof of Concepts and numerous pureScale presentations to our customers. This technology fascinates me and it’s another topic I can talk about for hours.


PureData for Transactions is our newest platform where hardware, software, network and OS are tightly integrated. I also got the opportunity early on to work on these systems. I have done several Proof of Technologies, presentations and proof of concepts with customers to demonstrate the capabilities of this system. This is my third favorite topic.

Stunning Performance

With DB2 pureScale and PureData for Transactions (PDTX), our customers can get stunning performance for transactional systems. Our PDTX systems uses IBM’s next generation hardware platform to deliver the best performance.

Ultimate Scalability

With PureData for Transactions, one can get ultimate scalability to meet the future growth from expanding business needs. The key here is – just point and click to add machines to the existing clusters without having to change / worry about anything in the application. I take time to explain this to our customers who were accustomed to write a cluster aware application using competitive technologies. The software engineering done by IBM for this case eliminates the need to make changes in the application.

Stellar Query Performance

Through my Proof of Technology on BLU, I show to our customers the query performance which is 5 to 150 times faster than regular DB2. I also show storage savings that are 4 to 10 times than that of the original database size. I also tell that this stellar piece of technology is not a panacea and it is not a replacement of traditional DB2. It is meant only for analytics where we are required to read 5-20% of data and for reporting purposes.

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